Grandma gets high: Why seniors are consuming cannabis

Do you know that seniors are among the fastest growing and most enthusiastic consumers of cannabis? Yes, grandma is smoking weed and she is not at all shy about telling you about it. The curious thing is that these are not legacy users who smoked back in the 60’s and 70’s coming back to it […]

N.F.L. Bows to Marijuana’s New Status

The morning after the hoopla of the first night of the NFL draft is a good time to contemplate the degree to which major sports leagues have changed their attitude towards marijuana. A new labor agreement recently signed between the NFL and the players union advances the ball the farthest, leapfrogging changes made by major […]

Profile: Bob Marley, Rastafarian Legend

An interesting profile of reggae superstar Bob Marley who has become an iconic figure for advocates in the decades long fight to legalize marijuana. But, as the profile very aptly points out, for Bob, the use of ganja was spiritual; a religious rite. A way for him to connect with god (Jah), not just to […]

Cannabis sales hit new highs in US and Canada

Cannabis sales are booming in the US and Canada as large numbers of consumers stock up on their home supply of smokes and edibles to prepare for long periods of isolation. Sales for recreational weed are up as much as 50% compared to the same period for certain key markets.; 41% for medical, Sales are […]

8 Best Legal Marijuana Tours to Take in LA

Planning a trip to LA soon? Probably not. But, you may at some time in the future. And as weedy, you may be interested in this overview of the “8 Best Legal Marijuana Tours to Take in LA”. Recreational and medicinal marijuana are both legal in LA and the list seems to offer safe, fun […]

Feds Tell Ex-NFL Star to Stop Saying His Weed Can Cure Coronavirus

The FTC and FDA have warned Neuro XPF, a company owned by former NFL offensive tackle, Kyle Turley, to stop promoting its medicinal cannabis products as treatments for the novel coronavirus. Turley insists that CBD can prevent and cure coronavirus and has cured his wife’s skin cancer. His website boldly avers that his Neuro XPF […]

Cannabis industry booming, but companies left out of coronavirus stimulus

Do you know that cannabis businesses are not eligible for assistance under the $2 trillion stimulus package recently passed by congress? They are also barred from Small Business Administration funded loans. That’s because plants containing more than 0.3% THC are classified as a Schedule 1 drug. The upside is that even though coronavirus has shuttered […]

Is It Safe to Use Cannabis During Pregnancy? Here’s What We Know

Surveys show that, despite warnings, women are using cannabis during pregnancy to mitigate mood imbalances, stress and nausea, among other things But, is this safe? Does it hurt the baby? Medicine does not seem to have a definitive answer to these questions because proper studies have not been done. And it’s difficult to blame poor […]


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