What are herb houses?

Herb houses are what cannabis dispensaries are called in Jamaica – thanks to the Rastafarians, who use ganja in their sacred rites and have, for many decades, referred to it as the “herb”. The fulfillment of your Jamaican ganja vacation experience will, more than likely, involve a visit to one the herb houses that are popping all over the island. We highly recommend this. These establishments are nothing like the sterile dispensaries you may be familiar with. They are equal parts medical clinic, Amsterdam-style coffee shop, hipster boutique and spa with elegant, comfortable smoking rooms. Plus, very knowledgeable bud tenders to educate you about their unique local strains. We are working on more comprehensive reviews of these unique cannabis dispensaries based on our own site visits and interviews. Stay tuned!

  • Kaya Herb House

    1 Weed Street, Greenwich Park, Drax Hall, Ocho Rios
    876 627 9333 1 Trelawny St, Falmouth 876-996-4617 herbhouse@kayainc.net

    .Kaya avers a primary focus on health and wellness tourism. Both of its retail facilities are in mostly tourist areas. Their first store in Ocho Rios is a little over an hour’s drive from Kingston; the 2nd, in Falmouth seems to be specifically targeting cruise ship visitors. They’ve announced plans to open 5 more. Kaya proudly states that its growth operation combines traditional methods with modern techniques to produce what it considers to be among then best quality ganja in the world. They have produced 18 Cannabis Cup winner strains.

  • Epican Jamaica

    67 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 1-3 Jimmy Cliff Boulevard, Montego Bay
    876-668-7676 | 876-615-6362 info@epican.com

    The success of Epican’s Kingston location inevitably led to the opening of a second establishment on the “Hip Strip” in Jamaica’s second city, Montego Bay, to serve both local and visiting patients. Plans have been announced plans for 3 additional stores. The company employs scores of small, local farmers at its growing facility in the Blue Mountains and was the first company to be granted a license to cultivate and then subsequently process and retail medical grade ganja in Jamaica.

  • Island Strains Herb House

    Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay
    (876) 418-7656 islandstrains@gmail.com

    Owned and operated by an American/Jamaican married couple, Island Strains boasts that all its herb is 100% local from seed to sale. It offers a wide variety cannabis strains suited for medical conditions such as insomnia, pain management, nausea, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite among others.

  • Sensi Medical Cannabis House

    Pulse Centre 38a Trafalgar Road Kingston 5
    876-615-4984 sensi.kgn@gmail.com

    Like the other Jamaican herb houses Sensi seems to be also somewhat vertically integrated, sourcing ganja from their own farm supplemented by a network of small growers. This is one we intend to follow keenly not only because of their ambitious growth plans but also because they seem to be doing exciting things in the area of cannabis and cuisine. With a significant investment from NYSE listed Aphria one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, this new player is evidence of the opportunities that foreign players see in the Jamaican ganja scene. Sensi promises a range of new and exciting products as well as protection of the islands small cannabis farmers who are the backbone of the industry.

  • Itopia Life


    Like many of the Jamaican herb shops, Itopia is a vertically integrated business with growth operations and processing at a production facility on Jamaica’s north coast and retail sales in Kingston. In addition to opening more retail locations across the island, the company aspires to establish an integrated multi-national network of cannabis operations throughout the Caribbean and the world.