NBA Now Allows Cannabis Use By Players

Is the NBA getting high on cannabis? On the heels of an announcement from Cresco Labs, the Chicago-based cannabis company, that Michele Roberts, Executive Director of the NBA Players Association was joining its board of directors, the NBA confirmed that it would no longer test players for cannabis or any other recreational drug when the […]

Organized Thieves Use Protests As Cover to Raid Weed Dispensaries

Weed dealers across the country are being broken into, ransacked, and robbed by organized crews under the cover of the George Floyd demonstrations. And, it’s not just dispensaries; but cultivation and distribution warehouses – places with addresses that are not likely to be known to the general public. Couldn’t you have seen this coming? Where […]

Japanese Company Reportedly Creates Orange Peel-Derived CBD

CBD oil from orange peel? Yes, you heard right. A company in Japan is making it. And, they developed prototypes using their CBD oil in items such as body lotion, lip balm, make-up remover, and hair care products. That said, please don’t try to spoke orange peel! It would not be pleasant. It also does […]

How Federal Marijuana Policy Is Pushing Veterans into the Black Market

Many disabled veterans are having success using cannabis instead of addictive and dangerous pharmaceuticals for conditions such as anxiety and PTSD. But although millions of people get medical marijuana prescriptions each year, disabled veterans are forced to buy their weed on the black market because the Department of Veterans Affairs will not prescribe it.

Virginia governor signs bill decriminalizing marijuana

We’re moving on up! On Thursday, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed legislation to decriminalize marijuana, making Virginia the 27th state in the nation to decriminalize simple cannabis possession. The new law reclassifies possession of one ounce or less to a civil penalty punishable by a fine of up to $25, the lowest fine of any […]

Cannabis stocks soar on hopes pot wards off coronavirus

Have you sold off your cannabis stocks? They have been doing very poorly for some time, but things may be looking up. Cannabis company stocks have skyrocketed in recent days on news that marijuana might help ward off coronavirus. This is according to research showing that certain strains high in CBD can block proteins that create […]

Was Quarantine Made for Cannabis?

 “You wake up, you have a good breakfast, you maybe take some vitamins, you do work, you have lunch, do more work, smoke a joint, eat an edible. It’s becoming the norm since we’ve been on lockdown.”

How to make cannabis-infused condiments for your next BBQ

As Memorial Day approaches and the covid-19 quarantine winds down, you may already be thinking about hot summer afternoons in the backyard with family, friends, beer, barbeque and weed. Even, if not in that order. How about some recipes to infuse cannabis into your barbeque sauce, mustard and other condiments? Enjoy!

Cannabis employees are in high demand during economic crash

Looking for a job in weed? There may never be a better time that right now. The industry is looking for thousands of workers across the country. Most retail outlets have been closed for a couple of months, but pot stores remain open almost everywhere and are hiring to deal with the robust demand for […]


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