Starlight Chalet & Spa

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  • Ganja Road Trip … Ultra Starlight Chalet , Silver Hill Gap

    USD $2,600.008 Days / 7 Nights
    Like all of Starlight Chalet's other packages, this is also an "all-inclusive" deal the includes local ground transportation, accommodations, all meals and tours. This package is especially crafted for the serious cannabis enthusiast. You get to sample herb houses in the capital, Kingston, as well as those along the north coast of the island that cater mostly to the tourist trade. But even more importantly, you get to hang out with bud tenders from across the island and sample a broad variety of local strains. You'll be an expert on Jamaican varieties by the time you return home.   
  • Ganja Road Trip Jamaica Starlight Chalet , Silver Hill Gap

    USD $1,425.006 Days / 5 Nights
    Ganja Road Trip Jamaica is also an "all-inclusive"package that includes ground transportation, accommodations, meals and tours. It is for the cannabis tourist with a desire to explore a little more of the Jamaican ganja scene. For example, you get to visit herb houses in Kingston that cater mostly to locals as well as on the north coast which cater primarily to visitors. In addition to purchasing weed, you will able to linger, have a drink, eat lunch or just gaze at the ocean while you enjoy a spliff.    
  • Peace, Quiet & Ganja Starlight Chalet , Silver Hill Gap

    USD $675.004 Days / 3 Nights
    This Peace, Quiet & Ganja Vacation package offers a good introduction to the Jamaican ganja scene combined with accommodations and meals at Starlight Chalet's spectacular resort 5,000 feet above sea level in the cool, coffee-tinged air of Jamaica's Blue Mountains. You get a full day to visit herb houses (dispensaries) in Kingston where you can commune with other ganja enthusiasts and get an education about local strains from the friendly and very knowledgeable bud tenders. It is an "all-inclusive" package that includes just about everything - ground transportation. accommodations, meals and tours. It is ideal for a ganja-loving couple with a desire for a few days of quiet time, nature walks and dinners for just two in the secluded, romantic ambiance of Starlight Chalet's rooms and gardens.


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