Somewhere WestAn off-the-beaten-path vibe but with good access to popular Negril locales


A small, off-the-beaten path, ganja-friendly resort

Once called Caribbean Dream, Somewhere West is a unique, small, ganja-loving hotel perched on the serene cliffs of Negril’s West End and is a true reflection of its former name. The resort exudes an off-the-beaten-path vibe while also being central to popular local destinations such as Rick’s Café and Seven Mile Beach. Its natural beauty, unique personality and warmth are among the attributes that have earned the property its topnotch reputation. Among other features, its unmatched sea and sunset views, bright and colorful decor, wave-crashing saltwater pool and outstanding chef differentiates it from other Negril area villas and guesthouses. You’ll also love the “mom and pop” family atmosphere, friendly rescue dogs as well as the warm and accommodating staff.

Ganja and ganja services available on request

Ganja, ganja treats, and ganja cocktails are always available at Somewhere West. And, most of our services include ganja upon request. In-house massage with ganja-infused coconut oil, guided ganja yoga and meditation and ganja infused meals and cocktails are just a few examples of what is offered.

Ganja-themed events and activities

In addition to its fairyland-like feel, we are known for our love, respect and embrace of ganja. While weed is widely accepted in the culture, Somewhere West is one of a handful of resorts in Jamaica that enthusiastically advocate its usage. With help from its top-rated sister company, JuJu Tours, Somewhere West offers an array of ganja-related activities that cannot be found elsewhere on the island. These include trips to a ganja farm, ganja cooking lessons, Smoke and Stroke paint parties, Rastafari cultural tours and marijuana infused yoga and meditation. (See a complete list here.)

Why you’ll have a great ganja vacation at Somewhere West

Some of the best cannabis in the world is found in Jamaica. But what makes the experience of enjoying Jamaican sensimilla is knowing that it’s actually okay to smoke it here. Unlike many countries where reefer remains highly taboo, most Jamaicans welcome weed with open arms. Whether it’s a spliff or an edible, it’s benefits have been recognized by Jamaicans for ages. 

Visitors can expect to enjoy not only the country’s breathtaking and lush beauty, but the culture’s laid back and colorful energy and the peoples’ wide belief in practicing a naturalist lifestyle, including the use of marijuana.

Nourine’s Kitchen

Nourine’s Kitchen offers diners an exciting array of Jamaican, American and Asian inspired dishes which you can enjoy seaside, poolside, at the bar or privately in the rooms. The menu is one of the most unique in Negril with offerings that include an ever-changing menu as well as colorful options such as tacos, fresh juices and exotic cocktails.

JUJU Tours

Somewhere West partners with its sister company, JUJU Tours, a top rated TripAdvisor tour operator in Negril. Both its classic and off-the-beaten-path tours offer options that are hard to find elsewhere. As you would expect from a cannabis friendly resort, JUJU Tours has the ability to include ganja in any activity. For a comprehensive list of cannabis-themed tours and activities, please see below. Want to do something not listed? No problem! Just ask and we will try our best to deliver.


  • Property Type:
    Boutique Hotel
  • Airport Transportation:
  • Free Parking:
  • Swimming Pool:
  • Air Conditioning:
  • WiFi:
  • Onsite Restaurant:
  • Beach:
  • Spa Services:
  • Excursions:
  • Bar/Lounge:
  • Hiking:
  • Location Type:
    On a cliff overlooking the beach
  • Theme:
    Very ganja-friendly
    Off-the-beaten path but close to things you may want to do
  • Other things to know:
    Somewhere West is central to Negril’s infamous attractions, Rick’s Café, Barney’s Hummingbird Garden and Xtabi. Just twenty-five minutes away is Blue Hole Mineral Spring, ganja field tours, ATV & dune duggy rides and ziplining.. Within five-minute driving distance, popular eateries such as Murphy’s, Zest, Ivan’s and Just Natural can be found. Seven Mile Beach is only a ten-minute drive from the property.


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