Easy Skanking Sativa Cottages

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USD $3,108.00
  • Per Couple
  • Includes All Local Taxes
  • Per Couple
  • Includes All Local Taxes
Easy Skanking is the longest of Sativa Cottages three Bob Marley ganja vacation packages. It is for two people and offers 8 days and 7 nights in your own little cottage, on the beach in the middle of Jamaica’s prime ganja growing region with inclusions such as meals, airport transfers and excursions plus unlimited access to some of the best weed in the word. Is this a ganja vacation heaven or what? You’ll be so rested and chilled, your friends may have a hard time recognizing you when you skank back home.

Package Price Includes

This package includes 8 days/7 nights in a quaint, well-appointed cottage on your own private beach with ground transportation, accommodations, most of your meals plus a program of activities. A whole week of immersing yourself in prime Jamaican and weed and Jamaican culture. It also includes a 10% gratuity.


  • 8 days/7 nights
  • Includes breakfast and dinner
  • Arrangements can be made for lunch, if required

Ganja Availability & Usage

  • Ganja is readily and easily available from any of several local area growers
  • Smoking is allowed everywhere on the property except in the rooms
  • Smoking in the rooms carries a service charge of USD$250 for cleaning and detailing

Day 1 (Arrival)

  • Sangster International Airport (Montego Bay) pickup
  • Extra charge for Norman Manley International Airport (Kingston) pickup

Day 2:

  • Blue Hole Mineral Spring
  • Weed tour

Day 3

  • Sunset at the famous Rick’s Café

Day 4

  • Y’s Falls Combo *Conditions Apply

Day 5

  • Yoga or 30-minute massage

Day 6

  • Rick’s Café

Day 6

  • Jamwest Adventure Tour *Conditions Apply

Day 7

  • Rest & Relaxation

Day 8 (Departure)

  • Sangster International Airport (Montego Bay) drop off
  • Extra charge for Norman Manley International Airport (Kingston) drop off



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