Get MORE HIGH in Jamaica Somewhere West

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USD $1,800.00
  • Per Person
  • Includes All Local Taxes
  • Per Person
  • Includes All Local Taxes
Get MORE HIGH in Jamaica includes many of the same features as the basic Get HIGH in Jamaica package. However, it comes with a nicer room and more ganja-themed activities. It is for the ganja enthusiast who wants to do more and learn more about ganja in Jamaica. So, instead of just two ganja activities, this package includes four. And, of course, you can do even more, if you are up to it. You’ll find these 4 days and 3 nights to be the perfect length for a respite to chill, smoke, eat well, soak up the cool Jamaican vibes and recharge for the rat race back home. And, if things go as planned, you’ll be booking your return Jamaica ganja vacation before you check out.

Package Details

  1. Sangster International Airport (Montego Bay) pickup and drop off
  2. Ganja welcome gift (For those who book early)
  • Ounce of cannabis, rolling paper and Lion Pride lighter
  1. Room (Starina or Indigo Sky)
  • Breakfast included
  1. 3-course ganja infused arrival dinner
  • Drinks a la carte
  • First drink on the house
  1. Farewell ganja gift – (CBD oils, cannabis soap and body scrub, etc.)
  2. Up to 4 ganja activities (Choose from the list below)

Ganja Activities

Choose up to four activities from the list below based on your interests, curiosity about ganja in general and/or Jamaican ganja traditions. The adventurous among you may choose additional events for a charge of USD$150 per person per event. Don’t see something you’d like to experience, just ask

  1. Ganja farm tour
  • Learn about the farming process and native Jamaican strains
  1. Afternoon at Doc’s Place
  • Negril’s new licensed dispensary on the water
  • Visit their bud tenders
  • Linger at their beautiful saltwater pool, bar and restaurant.
  1. Ganja cooking lessons
  • Learn how to correctly measure milligrams and make tasty dishes and treats
  1. Ganja-infused meditation and yoga
  • Plus, on-site massage and/or facials
  1. 4 course ganja infused meal
  • Including ganja beverages
  1. Rastafari excursion
  • A hiking tour into the bush visit Rastafari, Fiyah
  • This is a physical hike. Wear comfortable shoes!
  • Enjoy the beautiful views along the way
  • Talk and smoke with Fyah he makes you an ital lunch on a coal fire
  • Includes a cooking show at Zimbali Retreat.
  1. Smoke and stroke
  • Ganja-infused painting class
  1. Ganja-friendly waterfall visit
  2. Ganja-infused drumming class
  3. Ganja-infused Jamaican dance lessons
  4. Dabbing and rafting
  5. Chalis and steaming
  • Rastafarian practices
  1. Ganja-trimming lessons
  2. Cannabis-infused massages



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